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Umbrella / Table / Chair Rentals 

No one wants to lug umbrellas, tables and chairs through the sand. The whole idea of going to the beach is to relax and unwind. 


How Beach Rentals Work

If you see an open beach setup, you can easily rent it from the nearest vendor and then simply sit down, or you can have your setup delivered to another spot at no charge to you. Each rental location brings you top-quality, made in the USA, equipment including umbrellas, chairs, bikes, surfboards, stand up paddleboards and beach games. 



Our equipment beach vendors offer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly price packages for their rentals. Speak to your vendor for specifics. 


If the vendor nearest you does not offer what you are looking for, you can call us directly at 386-518-3165, or you can continue to browse the website.


We all work together, however each beach rental location in Volusia County is individually owned and operated and serves a specific location on the beach. Browse our list of beach rental vendors by clicking the button below. 

beach chairs and umbrella set up
chairs and umbrellas on the beach
white chairs and umbrella on the beach
white chair on the beach
white lunge chair on the beach
two blue chairs on the beach with umbrella
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